New Edition & Live cohort starting February 2024

Pivot Your Job Search for Success

4 week step-by-step plan to turn around your job search strategy and finally get results

Hi job seeker!

Job searching today can be a very time-consuming, draining and frustrating process.

The markets are crowded and though the situation is improving, there are still more candidates than there are job opportunities. This leads to a heavy flow of applications and fierce competition for the available openings.

Candidates are also up against a lot of new variables: candidate tracking software (ATS), increasingly risk-averse employers, changing focus and priorities in the recruitment process, and social media platforms driving application numbers in the hundreds.

As a result, less than 1% of applications will result in an interview and job seekers will often spend months and sometimes years before finally getting a job offer.

This comes at a huge cost for job hunters both in terms of time wasted, negative impact on motivation and self-confidence and most importantly – loss of income and opportunities both during the long months of searches as well as the resulting tendency to settle for less because of the resulting fear and scarcity mindset that eventually settles in.

So, what can you do if you are job hunting? How can you break through the recruitment process to land a job, do so faster and without compromising on the role and compensation package?

If what you are doing is not getting you results, then, it’s time to pivot your job search with new strategies and that’s exactly what I will share with you in this new program!

If you want to break through the recruitment process, changing your Job Search Strategy is the only way to change your results.

In this special program, I will show you proven strategies that my clients use to land jobs they love, speed up their results while also allowing them to negotiate for more!

​​​​​​​Results you can expect from this program:

50% of the Pivot Your Job Search Program students had landed a job within 3 months of completing the 4-week program

Fast Track Your Job Search

Get results faster, shorten your job search time, and Knowing your worth and how you stand out of the crowd will enable you to land a job much faster

Stand Out of the Crowd

Get visible and be in the driver’s seat of your career, proactively managing your visibility & differentiating yourself and how you add value

Gain Confidence in Your Worth

Confidently & convincingly present what you have to offer and never worry again about “having to sell yourself”

Become the Candidate of Choice

Know what makes you unique and valuable to an employer making you THE candidate of choice for a role or promotion

Tap into the Hidden Job Market & Unlock Opportunities

Approaching your career management from the standpoint of what you offer will get you a radically different response: more support and mentorship towards your goals and more job leads from your network

Negotiate for more & get paid your worth

Showing your worth will give you leverage to negotiate a better role or promotion and a higher salary.

New Edition & Live cohort starting February 2024

Pivot Your Job Search for Success in 4 weeks

What’s included in the program?

  • Immediate / lifetime access to the current course and materials
  • Live recording of the new edition starting February 2024 (5 x 1-1.5 hour workshops) + unlimited access afterwards
  • Unlimited access to the bi-monthly group coaching calls
  • Access to our private student and alumni online community for networking opportunities

Week 1

Get Noticed with Personal Branding

Strategies to Stand Out in Crowded & Competitive Markets

  • How to nail down your unique branding & positioning using the 4 pillars’ system
  • Developing an elevator pitch that will truly showcase your value and uniqueness and make you stand out of the crowd
  • How to position yourself to be THE candidate of choice
  • Using storytelling to address and disarm any “objections” (career transition, work gap, job-hopping, etc.)

Week 2

Visibility Strategies to Stand Out in Your Job Search

8 Creative Branding Tools to Bypass the ATS and Get Job Interviews & Offers

  • 8 Examples of unique & creative tools that are guaranteed to get you noticed – how about 80% response rate!?!
  • How to design your visibility tools to deliver maximum brand impact and showcase your value so people go WOW!

How to leverage the tools to:

  • Reach out to new connections and enlist their support for your job search
  • Bypass the ATS when applying online and secure your job interview
  • Get informal interviews in companies you are interested in or with key stakeholders who can open doors for you
  • Make yourself the candidate of choice following job interviews

Week 3

Propel your Job Search & Market Value with Linkedin

How to Use LinkedIn to Establish Your Brand, Boost Your Visibility and Get Results

  • How to build a profile that will get noticed and be search optimized
  • How to establish and propel your expertise online and be seen as a leader in your field
  • Creating an action plan that will boost your visibility
  • Top 6 LinkedIn best-kept secrets for job hunters (including how to connect with people out of your network, how to send emails to non-connections without using InMail credits, how to “SEO or Search Engine Optimise” yourself on LinkedIn, etc.)

Week 4

Networking Your Way to the Hidden Job Market

The Step-by-step Networking Decoded System to Generate Job Leads

  • How and where to find the “hidden jobs” representing 80-90% of opened positions not advertised on mainstream job boards
  • Step-by-step networking approaches that will not feel salesly or pushy but WILL get you results
  • How to go from connecting to concrete results (aka generating job leads and interview invitations)

Extra Bonuses

#1. Branding Power Pack

Powerful tools to develop an outstanding brand & bring it into life an interview-worthy resume and LinkedIn profile. In addition, the brainstorm ebook will enable you to uncover achievements for a powerful “Doer” resume that will showcase how you add value.

(Value €125)

New Edition – Live Recording February 2024

#2. Strategic Resume Makeover

Get lifetime access to the online course including step-by-step workbooks, CV, and cover letter templates.

The new edition will include more information on:

  • How to develop top-notch positioning for your targeted role
  • How to roll out your brand in an outstanding summary that will truly make you stand out
  • The time-efficient but high impact way to customize your CV for future applications
  • All you need to know about the ATS and how to adapt your CV accordingly

(Value €185)

#3. Networking Decoded

Everything you need to implement the networking strategies at every step of the way including:

  • How to craft emails/ LinkedIn messages that will get answered
  • 45+ templates and swipe files ready to use
  • Strategies and topics to have meaningful (and useful for your job search) conversations and informal interviews

(Value €195)

#4. Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

How about having me as a sparring partner and a community for accountability and motivation during your job search?

Members of the online program get access to the bi-monthly group coaching calls where you get the chance to ask all your questions and get further support from me as you implement the strategies!

(Value €195)

Early Bird Offer

Time Sensitive

Enroll before February 12th, 2024 and get bonus access to the online course ”Your Game Plan to Score at Job Interviews”.

All the strategies you need to score a job offer at your next interview:

  • Build your confidence by knowing what to expect & how to best prepare for the interview
  • Master positioning yourself as THE candidate of choice by differentiating yourself while answering typical interview questions
  • Address (and even anticipate) recruiter pain points & disarm potential objections
  • Learn how to research your target companies & use the information to showcase how you can add value

(Value €195)


Pivot Your Job Search for Success in 4 Weeks Online Program

Value € 495

Strategic Resume Makeover Course & Templates

Value € 185

Networking Decoded Course, including 45+ email templates

Value € 195

Personal Branding Power Pack

Value € 125

Access to the Job Search Group Masterminds & Community

TOTAL Value: €1,000+

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You suddenly feel empowered and you can clearly say why and that’s when people react differently and opportunities become possibilities. By far the best investment I’ve made in my career was to add personal branding to my strat plan.
Director, Energy Sector
Getting clear about my worth and value with my branding was a game-changer for me. Almost overnight, I started noticing that people reacted differently when I presented myself professionally. It gave me the confidence to talk about myself and I could see that people were immediately interested in my profile and how they could bring my skills into their company. Suddenly, I no longer felt like I was begging for help in finding a job, it actually felt the opposite! I got invited to interviews quickly and signed an offer within 8 weeks!
Business Development Manager, Tech Industry

I applied 4 times to my dream company and got rejected every single time. Then I joined Catherine’s online courses and based on her recommendations, I develop a visibility tool and sent it to a senior manager within that same company. Within two weeks I had a job interview and they offered me my dream job shortly after!!! Clearly – this WORKS!

Carolina, Marketing, Switzerland

Networking was paralyzing for me – I had no clue what to say and frankly, very few people answered my messages.
Then I discovered Catherine’s branding & visibility tools and I was shocked to see how much more reactions – and support – I would get even when reaching out to completely new connections! It didn’t take long before this led me to
land a job!

Mark T., IT Specialist, Switzerland

This was the turning point in my job search path when I stopped wondering what reason I could use to reach out to people or to email them again. It made everything so easy! The responses and feedback flowed and so did job leads!

Irina, FMCG Industry, Germany

There’s a whole dimension to job searching I had no clue even existed – and it works!
J. T. Business Manager, Benelux
Everyone knows that networking is the name of the game in job searching. But when it comes to actually reaching, no one is ever really told how to do it. Catherine’s system is clear, concrete, and truly step-by-step and it’s made even a shy and introverted person like me at ease with networking!
Mark T, IT Specialist, Switzerland
I implemented a few of Catherine’s recommendations and strategies on LinkedIn and literally within 48 hours, I had 2 recruiters contacting me for openings in big pharma. Within less than 3 months, I had signed for my dream job – which happened to also be a career change and a step up!
Engineer, MedTech Industry, Switzerland
I was a reluctant LinkedIn user and hardly longed onto the platform. Catherine’s approach made it easy, time-efficient and it agreed with my shy nature. To my great surprise, I got traction really quickly and it has not stopped since. As Catherine says – “you just don’t approach job searching the same way when you regularly get approached by head hunters and recruiters”, it feels so much more empowering!
Career shift towards sustainability domain, Switzerland

Meet your host

Hi, I am Catherine!

I’m a certified NLP & RSCI coach, speaker, and author of multiple online courses on job searching and career management and I bring 17+ years of experience in senior consulting roles in strategic planning & marketing. I’ve been the go-to person for job searching and career advice in my ex-pat circles for over a decade before launching as a career coach.

My approach is focused on a strong strategic marketing and consulting background, extensive experience building and managing multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural teams across the world, and special attention to mindset issues that often stand in the way of reaching our goals.

I’m a visionary, a connecting networker, and a leader of women empowerment. I pride myself on having a good flair for marketing and personal branding and I love adding a strategic spin to everything I touch, breaking down complex career crossroads into practical and actionable steps to help you get clarity and take action.

And most importantly – I LOVE WHAT I DO!

And I’d love to empower you in your job search and your career!