Empowering you to thrive professionally  
without sacrificing what really matters to you

Are you finding yourself at a career crossroad?

I can help you with…

Finding a job in a foreign country or returning to work after a (parental) leave

Improving your work/life/family balance and finding fulfillment and joy in what you do whether this involves developing new skills and behavior or a career transition

Launching you as freelance or starting your own business as a means to get more flexibility and mobility even if you don’t know what to do or where to start

Developing Creative Career Solutions

We all aspire to feel fulfilled, balanced and to contribute our skills and passions and there is no reason we should find ourselves in career situations that make us feel stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled.

I have made it my mission to empower women professionally putting my out-of-the-box thinker skills and my years of strategic marketing at your service to help you develop Creative Career Solutions tailored to your needs and preferences and your action plan to successfully get there!

Whether you need an outstanding resume that will get you noticed, a strategy to successfully return to work or change fields, or to get you started with your own business or freelance work or whether you need new skills to better manage your work/life balance or get the promotion you want – I’ve got your back!

I believe in having it all and I believe that finding our purpose and translating it into a successful, fulfilling and balanced work life is the key and I am here to help you do just that!

Hi, I am Catherine!

I am multi-passionate, energetic and unstoppable Mom of two boys of 3 and 6 years old. I am Canadian, married to a Czech and currently living in Switzerland. And… I think I’ve got the career/purpose/life balance figured out ; )

Before becoming a certified NLP & RSCI coach, I spent nearly 20 years working in senior strategic roles for the pharmaceutical industry. I have lived and worked in America, Europe and Asia working for large corporations as well as smaller start-up companies and have also owned my own consulting business.

I’ve been the overwhelmed career women & Mom struggling with repeat burnout and overly stressful yet unfulfilling jobs. I’ve been a stay-at-home Mom struggling with the loss of her professional identity and financial independence, and I’ve also been through returning to work and setting up my own businesses. So believe me – I get you!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this! It is possible to have a professional life that is aligned with your purpose and values and feels both fulfilling and stimulating while allowing for a good work/life/family balance.

If you are eager to propel your professional life in this direction – contact me for a discovery call, and I’ll be happy to explore how I can help you reach that goal!

What my clients say…

I job searched for over 1.5 year before contacting Catherine. Within 3 months I had signed for my target role AND at a higher salary than I thought possible!


Catherine made networking for my job search so easy and so approachable. I never realised how to actually network. And it did land me a job!


I must have sent at least 100 CVs and no answers. Catherine helped me rework mine and I finally got my first interview!


There’s a whole dimension of job searching I had no clue even existed – and it works!


Catherine has been an awesome sparring partner in my return to work after 7 years at home. She’s structured and strategic, helped me gain clarity and direction and most importantly, she helped me lift all the insecurities which were standing in my way.


There is nothing more powerful than a woman who thrives with harmony & self-confidence

If you find yourself at a personal & professional crossroad, this is your opportunity to build the career path and lifestyle that will allow you to thrive and find fulfilment, without sacrificing your personal and family life.

If you are ready to make this your reality and would like to discuss how I can help you thrive in your professional life while still having time and finances to enjoy your personal life – book a discovery call or email me and let’s make it happen!

I look forward to helping you *Have it All*


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Giving love back…

As part of my business philosophy, I’m committed to “returning the love” by donating in my community and abroad a percentage of my profits, with a special focus on children and especially girl education, skills development programs for work rehabilitation as well as women empowerment programs.