live Mini luncheon webinar

Understanding the ATS & Key CV Customization Strategies

June 8th, 2021 @12.00 CET

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Hi job seeker!

Have you sent dozens of CVs and never seem to get any interviews? You keep getting crickets or worse you get almost immediately rejected?

If this is what you are experiencing, it’s time to get acquainted with the ATS – aka the Applicant Tracking System!

The ATS is a software used to manage online applications and it’s one of the most challenging gatekeepers in the application process.

To get your CV short-listed and get invited to interviews, it’s absolutely critical to learn how the ATS works and how you need to adapt and customize your CV accordingly.

And this is precisely what we will cover in this luncheon webinar!

Here’s what you will learn:

Understand how the ATS works and how you need to adapt your CV to succeed

General rules for an ATS friendly CV

Critical CV customizations for individual applications

Free online tools to scan your CV and how to use them

What’s Included?

45-60mins online webinar

including a Q&A session where you can ask your questions and get coached directly by me

Recording & replay access


ATS Compatibility & Customization Checklist

Live workshop date:
June 8th, 2021 @12.00 CET +
Replay Access


A career investment that will pay for itself multiple times!

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Meet your host

Hi, I am Catherine.

I’m a certified NLP & RSCI coach, speaker, and author of multiple online courses on job searching and career management and I bring 17+ years of experience in senior consulting roles in strategic planning & marketing. I’ve been the go-to person for job searching and career advice in my ex-pat circles for over a decade before launching as a career coach.

My approach is focused on a strong strategic marketing and consulting background, extensive experience building and managing multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural teams across the world, and special attention to mindset issues that often stand in the way of reaching our goals.

I’m a visionary, a connecting networker, and a leader of women empowerment. I pride myself on having a good flair for marketing and personal branding and I love adding a strategic spin to everything I touch, breaking down complex career crossroads into practical and actionable steps to help you get clarity and take action.

And most importantly – I LOVE WHAT I DO!

And I’d love to empower you in your job search and your career!