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Preparing for Your First Session
If this is your first session with me, please note I usually recommend some preparation work to ensure that we can make the most out of the session. If you booked an Intake or Laser Coaching Session, you would normally receive an email with such preparation instructions. If you booked a private coaching package, check for the “Getting Started / Onboarding” where you will find all the information.

Session Rescheduling & Cancelation
Please note that you can reschedule your sessions using the reschedule link included in the confirmation email. Rescheduling is possible and free of charge up to 1 working day ahead of session. Shorter notice cancelations and rescheduling may lead to charges.

If you are having issues with scheduling your session or have questions about how best to prepare, please send us an email at info@catherine-leduc.com.

Looking forward to our next session!