3 Part Workshop & Webinar Series


Zürich & Online | June 2019

Do you want to see more traction and results in your job search?

Maybe you believe those who land interviews and jobs are better qualified or simply luckier?

Or do you actually want to know what successful job hunters do differently that leads them to such results?

The job search market has changed, your success will depend on the strategies you use to adapt to the changes

The biggest difference between people who succeed in the current job market and those who don’t is how well they’ve adapted to the ever-changing market dynamics.

It’s not the market that dictates their success – it’s how THEY react to it.
They take control and take action.

This means it’s also possible for YOU to change your outcome and results with a few very simple strategies!

Are you ready for more traction in your job search?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in my upcoming workshops/webinars series where I’ll share the strategies that my clients use to successfully land jobs!

Job searching as you always did is unlikely to get you the results you want (frankly, I’d even say it’s a waste of time).

So, if you want to propel your job search with a powerful strategy that will allow you to fast track your results – make sure you join us for this 3-part workshop / webinar series!


Build a solid personal brand that will make you stand out of the crowd and show how you add value to make yourself THE candidate of choice


Tap into the hidden job market (estimated 60-90% of all job openings) and get your CV on top of the pile with step-by-step networking approaches that will not feel salesly or pushy!


How to actually use LinkedIn for your job search. Top secrets to find hidden jobs and connect / InMail people outside of your network. Plus how to strengthen your brand and visibility and get seen by recruiters!



In crowded markets, standing out of the crowd is key to getting noticed by recruiters. It’s no longer enough to “qualify” for a job when there are hundreds of applicants.

Personal branding enables you to show recruiters what is unique about you and what differentiates you from the maze of other candidates. It’s your key to showing what you bring to the table and how valuable this is to a company. And there’s no getting noticed without it in today’s market!

What you’ll learn…
  • How to propel your job search with personal branding and storytelling
  • Finding your unique branding and positioning that will make you stand out of the crowd
  • Finding and pitching how you “add value” to make yourself THE candidate of choice for employers
  • Using storytelling to address and disarm any concern with your specific profile (career transition, work gap, job hopping, etc.)
  • Addressing the double personality dilemma
  • How to build your Personal Branding into your LinkedIn profile
Gain clarity and confidence in the value you bring to the table and make employers want YOU!



Whether you want to tap into the hidden job market (estimated to be at least 60-80% of job openings) or want your resume to be noticed amongst hundreds of candidates – your network is a key to success when it comes to job searching.

If you see the value of networking but feel uncomfortable doing so or wonder how to actually go from meeting people to getting a job offer – this is exactly what we’ll cover, step-by-step, in this workshop!

What you’ll learn…
  • The key secrets behind networking for your job search
  • Step-by-step networking approaches that will not feel salesly or pushy
  • How to successfully build your job search network, especially if you are in a new field, industry or in a foreign country
  • 4 strategic channels to optimize your job search and results
  • How and where to find the “hidden jobs” representing 80-90% of opened positions not advertised on mainstream job boards
  • Crafting reach-out messages that get answered
  • How to go from connecting to concrete results for your job search
Networking is your key to gain visibility in a crowded market – whether it’s tapping into hidden jobs or getting noticed



LinkedIn has moved well beyond being merely a job search engine. It is now a platform focused on exchanging information and connecting and this new trend affects how job hunters need to use it for their job search.

LinkedIn is your opportunity to create and establish your personal brand, as well as to connect and exchange with key people within your industry in order to get your name on the map.

94% of recruiters validate candidates based on their LinkedIn profile while head hunters are on the lookout for the best talents – will they see you and notice you? That’s what you’ll learn in this workshop!

What you’ll learn…
  • How to build a profile that will get noticed and be search optimised
  • How to establish your expertise online and be seen as a leader in your field
  • The new way to use LinkedIn for Job Searching
  • Creating an action plan that will boost your visibility
  • Top 6 LinkedIn best-kept secrets for job hunters (including how to connect with people out of your network, how to send emails to non-connections without using InMail credits, how to “SEO or Search Engine Optimise” yourself on LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Where and how to find hidden jobs on LinkedIn
  • **BONUS: Behind the scene introduction to the LinkedIn candidate searching tool with Experis Recruiters
Learn the new way to use Linkedin to propel your brand, job search and career

What previous attendees say…

I reworked my branding and LinkedIn with Catherine’s strategies and within a few days, I already had 2 recruiters contacting me!


There’s a whole dimension of job searching I had no clue even existed – and it works! I got a great job offer less than 2 months after the workshop!


Simply put: I landed an amazing job thanks to the strategies Catherine shared in her webinar.


Catherine made networking for my job search so easy and so approachable. I never realised how to actually network. And it did land me a job!



Live networking apero with Experis & Manpower recruiters

Live workshop attendees are invited for a networking apero taking place together with the live workshops.

This is your chance to get to know recruiters, ask all your questions and practice pitching yourself!

40chf Gift certificate for professional portraits

Live attendees will also benefit from a gift certificate from Jenny Mayfield Photography to add beautiful professional headshots to your new brand!


Live workshop attendees are also invited to join us for the online webinar and will have access to the limited time replay. So whether you have a last minute constraint or need a rerun of the workshop, you’ll be able to join us online!

A limited time replay of the online webinar will be made available for all workshop and webinar attendees.

Meet your host

Hi, I am Catherine!

I’m a certified NLP & RSCI coach, speaker, and author of multiple online courses on job searching and career management and I bring 17+ years of experience in senior consulting roles in strategic planning & marketing. I’ve been the go-to person for job searching and career advice in my expat circles for over a decade before launching as a career coach.

My approach is focused on a strong strategic marketing and consulting background, extensive experience building and managing multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural teams across the world and special attention to mindset issues that often stand in the way of reaching our goals.

I’m a visionary, a connecting networker and a leader of women empowerment. I pride myself on having a good flair for marketing and personal branding and I love adding a strategic spin to everything I touch, breaking down complex career crossroads into practical and actionable steps to help you get clarity and take action.

And most importantly – I LOVE WHAT I DO!

And I’d love to empower you in your job search and your career!



Where is the live workshop taking place?

We will be hosting the workshop at Experis offices in downtown Zürich (Wasserwerkstrasse 10, 8006 Zürich). The offices are easily accessible by public transport 3-4min walk from the Zürich HB and parking is easily accessible in the vicinity.

What if I can't make it to the live workshop or webinar?

Live workshop attendees: As a live workshop attendee, you automatically get access to the live webinar version of the workshop allowing you to catch up at another date if you can not make it to the live workshop.

Webinar Attendees: All webinar attendees also get a limited time replay of the live webinar meaning you’ll be able to catch up even if you have something coming up at the last minute!

Is it refundable?

As you get multiple opportunities to attend the live workshop or webinar or watch the replay, there is no reason you won’t be able to make it. Therefore, the tickets are non-refundable.

Do I have to attend all 3 workshops or can I decide to attend only 1 or 2?

To see maximum results in your job search, it’s best to optimise both your personal branding, networking approach and LinkedIn usage as they do go hand in hand. However, the workshops have been designed as stand alone meaning you do not need the knowledge from the previous workshop of the series to follow the other workshops. In other words, you can choose to attend any workshop “alone” and will be able to follow.

What if I'm not a relevant candidate for Experis / manpower, can I still attend the workshop and networking apero?

The live workshop and networking event is not limited to candidates that are a fit with Experis or Manpower’ areas of focus. We believe it’s beneficial both for candidates and recruiters to get to know each other and exchange and it’s a safe environment for you as a job hunter to ask recruiters all your questions and get some practice at pitching your value proposition!

I've already attended a Personal Branding Workshop, is it the same?

YES – The personal branding workshop is a rerun of the Personal Branding workshop presented in Autumn 2018. So, if you’ve already attended this one (image below), then there is no need to join that part again. You can therefore join only the LinkedIn and Networking portions to get the full series.

Have more questions that I have not covered? Or unsure which workshops are best for your needs?

Send me an email at info@catherine-leduc.com and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

I'm not a workshop/webinar person. Can I also get 1-on-1 support through provate coaching?

Absolutely! To discuss private coaching options and availabilities, please feel free to book a discovery call HERE

How can I book all 3 workshops but attend a mix of live workshop and online webinar?

You can only book and get the 35% discount on the full series if you book 3 x online webinar or 3 x in-person workshops. HOWEVER, if you book live workshops, you will automatically get the login details to attend the webinar (plus the limited time replay). In other words, you can purchase the full live workshop series and attend a mix of in-person and online workshops as per your schedule. Or if you purchase the online series you can mix between watching live and watching the replay to accomodate your schedule.